Wolf in a Dress

Rarity holding a mirror for a wolf in a dress

This drawing was inspired by episode 854 of the Freefall webcomic. While making plans for dinner at a restaurant, Florence, who is a Bowman’s wolf (genetically engineered, highly intelligent wolf species in that sci-fi world), explains:

“People tend to worry if a wolf walks in while they’re eating. They worry a lot less if that same wolf is wearing an evening gown.”

Well… 😀 I thought that consideration might fit into Equestria as well, and where would a wolf acquire a dress there? Once again, I found useful reference material in Wikipedia, as well as in this very cute Freefall episode, where Florence is just waking up. Below is my first attempt at drawing a wolf.

Sketch of a wolf with it head turned to look at the raised left front paw


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