Fluttershy Sketches

Fluttershy cuddling a kitten

I want to make a Fluttershy watercolor similar in style to the Happy Meadow one, but somehow settling on a pose is more difficult. ^^’ I still haven’t decided, but I’ve created a lot of Fluttershy sketches in the process. The one above is from today, and there’s more below.

Fluttershy lying on her side

This sketch is from yesterday. I’m not 100% sure about the position of her head, but I like the general idea. The sketches below are all from Tuesday. As you can see, I already had the idea to have Fluttershy cuddle a cat like in today’s sketch. 😀

Fluttershy sleeping

Fluttershy lying down

Fluttershy sleeping

Fluttershy cuddling a cat

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