Happy Meadow

Brown pony rising

It’s happy Meadow Whisper (aka Lupinia), loosely based on Sunday’s “Jumping Foal” sketch (but with a more MLP-ish style), which was kind of inspired by her. I painted her on Monday evening but I was on a business trip and couldn’t scan the picture until I got home today.

Also a huge thanks to the amazing Katie Cook, who very quickly responded to my question about waterproof pens for outlines on that same Monday! The embarrassing thing is that I actually have a pen just like that, but didn’t imagine it might be suitable. ^^’

My previous watercolor pictures were done with watercolor pencils. Last Saturday I finally bought a small box of “normal” watercolors and took them with me on Monday, eager to try a hoof with them if I had time after work. Below are the sketches I made before the watercolor, in chronological order. These are very raw, and took just a few minutes each. As you can see, I used the last one to practice outlines. 😉

Sketch of a rising pony

Sketch of a rising pony

Sketch of a rising pony


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