From Dusk to Night

Luna flying across the dusk sky, pulling the night sky over the land

“Behold! The Princess brings the night!”

I’ve been developing this concept over quite a while, as you can see from some older posts, from newest to oldest:

My initial idea was to have Luna paint the sky with night and stars, using her tail as a brush, but transferring the pose from a canvas to the sky just didn’t work. In particular, any “paint” would’ve looked pretty much the same as her tail, so I decided to have her tail fade into the night sky. ⭐

I’m not completely happy with the night half of the picture because of the somewhat uneven color, but on the other hand the experience taught me how to do it right for the dusk side. ^^’ Then again, Luna is pulling in the night like a blanket, so it’s expected to be a little messed up until it settles properly. 😛


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