Galacon Special: Jedi Master Cheerilee

Cheerilee sitting in a jedi robe and with a lightsaber on her belt

I was too tired to post anything after work yesterday and not doing much better today, but I still want to show you this sketch. I drew it Saturday at Galacon after the Q&A panel with Nicole Oliver and M.A. Larson. Someone asked Nicole Oliver with what other movie or TV show she’d like to see a crossover of Friendship is Magic, and her response was Star Wars (after an immediate “Friends” — I’ve never seen that show, but it’s a nice pun 😀 ). You might remember I’ve done Star Wars inspired pony sketches recently (1, 2), but I wanted to draw something with one of her characters, and that’s where this sketch comes from. And then I got it signed during the autograph session on Sunday, and Nicole Oliver added a very nice “May the Force be with you … always!” 🙂

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