Cutie Mark Cuddles

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom hugging with Scootaloo getting caught in the middle

This is sort of inspired by the “Secrets of M.A. Larson” panel at Galacon, during which he described the development of the episode The Cutie Mark Chronicles from draft to finished script, including mail exchanges. 😀 The panel recording sadly isn’t online yet (Update: Now it is!), but here are some things I remember:

  • In the first drafts of the opening scene, the CMC were tightrope walking instead of zip-lining. Hasbro rejected that because it would be too easy for children to imitate, and someone might sue them if a child gets injured through such imitation. 🙄
  • Larson pointed out multiple times how he put jokes into scripts to make Lauren Faust and Rob Renzetti laugh, hoping they thus “wouldn’t notice what’s wrong with the script.” XD
  • Scootaloo became the Rainbow Dash fan girl she is during the development of this episode, partially because they needed a motivation for the CMC to keep going and ask all the mane six about their cutie mark stories. 🐱
  • Lauren Faust suggested various long forms for “Pinkie”, because her mom should have a longer name to call her, and Larson picked “Pinkamena”, and then added Diane because a middle name just seemed appropriate. 😉

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