Lotus giving Aloe a massage

Yesterday night I was so tired that I forgot to mention why I’d drawn the spa twins. Well, in the morning I was setting up some virtual machines and networks at work to reproduce and analyze network issues. Of course the VMs needed host names, and I named two of them aloe and lotus. πŸ˜‰ So today on the way to work I’ve drawn Lotus giving Aloe a massage to go with the story.

As you can see, I’m also experimenting with an alternative theme for this blog. What do you think?


20 thoughts on “Massage

  1. Can’t remember the old one (i tend to just look at and read your posts as they appear in my inbox =P), but this one looks pretty clear
    Not sure what’s on the right though.., your own pick of your best drawings? – random ones?

    1. That’s my own selection of pictures I want to show off. πŸ˜‰ I’d like to have it vary a bit, but I couldn’t find a way to do that with the widgets available here on

        1. Thanks, but sadly there are some limits to what you can do on a hosted blog. What I’d really want is a widget that randomly shows pictures from posts with a certain tag, but that requires direct database access. Now, if I had my own server… πŸ™„

            1. If I was hosting this blog on my own server, that would be true. But I don’t, I can’t go and install plugins on the infrastructure, and I don’t think a gallery is worth the effort and cost of switching to a self-hosted blog. πŸ˜‰
              I appreciate the sentiment, though. πŸ™‚

              1. It sounds like it’s already installed, like you can use it on certain versions of wordpress (if it was meant for your own server, you wouldn’t have access to the query command without first including another script that defines it, but it claims to work right off the bat)
                ((see the first block of code, before method numero uno))

                1. Right, the plugin isn’t necessary unless someone’s running an outdated WordPress version (bad idea!), but the point is: What is described there would require modifying the theme code, and I can’t do that on a hosted blog. The problem is not that I couldn’t write or install code for a random gallery, it’s that it would require taking this blog to another host where I can (and would have to) manage the WP installation myself.

                2. (can’t reply further)

                  Oh, you can’t?, huh, that’s.., well, surprising
                  fair enough then, i guess, sorry about being stubborn =P

      1. Season 4 isnt as good as the other seasons especially because MLP got a new story editor. I mean, these recent episodes really aren’t the best. 😦 Btw… do you trace your drawings? They are super good!

        1. No, I’ve never traced, I always place the lines myself. πŸ™‚ But I often look at pictures by others to see how they did a certain thing. For example, when drawing the recent Messy Mane picture, I looked at the scene in Bridle Gossip (season 1, episode 9) the morning after the ponies walked into the poison joke to see what Twilight’s mane looks like when it is messy. I also looked at this drawing by Katie Cook to get the nose right.

          If you’re interested in how I do it, I could do a step-by-step drawing some time. The most important thing is practice, though. πŸ˜‰

            1. I disagree.., ponies are the only thing i can draw and i honestly believe that they’re one of the simpler things you can start with

              This is because they’re simply geometric shapes, and there’s only a few angles any part of a pony could be at, so while you’re learning you can find enough references of different poses to mix and match into exactly what you want
              (for example, here are a few

              After a while of using references it burns into your memory and you can recall on your library automatically, only sometimes needing to figure out one single part from a new angle (which then gets added to your library when you do)

              I mean, that’s my opinion anyway, but if you’re at all interested in drawing, don’t discard the idea simply because it seems hard

              1. Are you a cartoon artist or something because most people would think that flowers or something like that would be easier to draw. To draw ponies you need a lot of technique and you need to learn how to make the curves and lines just right. Just saying.

                1. I.., uhh, i don’t even know, i don’t like the word artist =P
                  all i draw is ponies because that’s all i’ve really learned

                  I used to not even be able to draw stick figures (i probably still can’t), but for some reason i had a lot of time and wanted to draw a pony, so i got references, and basically copied single lines (as i explained =P), layering filters and stuff as i was in the habit of doing back then

                  You don’t really need technique to be able to draw circles and curves, or fill between the lines, and that’s all ponies are (and if you can’t stand at seeing a wobbly line, using a vector program like inkskape is a godsend.., every line is a path that you can always go out and edit, and they’re perfectly smooth (as defined by nodes and handles)

                  But i’ll try that flower thing, see what happens – no idea what i’ll do with a drawing of a flower though =P

                  PS: “Ummm thanks for your opinion” <- this sounded so sarcastic that it scares me

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