Ashley Pony

Ashley from EGS as a pegasus, rising

Ashley from the EGS webcomic is just so cute that I wanted to draw a pony version of her. She seems a little jumpy, which combined with her pose in the last panel of last week Monday’s episode led me to drawing her as a pegasus, but there’s not enough information on her (yet?) for me to find an appropriate cutie mark. Maybe a heart and a bucket of water? Anyway, I really like her mane.

For anypony who is not familiar with EGS, I feel I should quote this warning from its “New Readers” page:

“WARNING: Often ignores the laws of Physics.”


4 thoughts on “Ashley Pony

    1. Yeah, she should be old enough to have one. However as mentioned above, the comic doesn’t provide enough information yet for me to come up with one.

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