Adorableness Expert on Duty

Allirea talking to two royal guards in front of a cordoned off park full of animals

“Thank you for coming so quickly, ma’am. We observed an unusually high number of baby animals in the park. Could you check if the level of adorableness is safe for the public, please?”

The idea for this developed from a short Twitter conversation with Lupinia after she posted a link to Forest Caretakers. Not only did that totally confirm the title of “adorableness expert” in her Twitter bio, it also got me thinking “Well, what does an adorableness expert do?” The human (or pony, as the case may be) mind works in mysterious ways! :mrgreen:

The pegasus pony on the left is Lupinia’s OC Allirea (who has a Twitter account of her own). Experts should wear lab coats, and considering the area of expertise in question, a lab coat with hearts on it seemed fitting. 😉


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