Comic with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. Frame 1: Twilight (drawing on a blackboard): "So the process forks here, and then both children fork again, and each of those forks, so..." Pinkie: "Forks?" Frame 2: Pinkie (holding a fork): "I like forks! You can use them for eating CAKE!" Frame 3: Pinkie (grinning with cake in her face): "But sometimes it is more fun without them!"

Finally, here’s the comic for which I was drawing all the Pinkie sketches. A while ago I talked about fork bombs (a type of denial of service attack) with a friend, and my mind went off on a tangent, just like Pinkie here. :mrgreen:

Link of the day: A cute drawing of Twilight and Pinkie by Dana Simpson (author and artist of Heavenly Nostrils)

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