On the Train to Ponyville

Young giraffe and Cheerilee in the first wagon of the Friendship Express

This is why I drew the Friendship Express engine a while ago. Cheerilee is bringing a new exchange student to Ponyville. The young giraffe still needs a name, though… 😳

I know the perspective is somewhat off, but so it is in the show. 😛


9 thoughts on “On the Train to Ponyville

      1. Maybe i will.., as soon as i finish (or in parallel with) these two birthday pieces for Nov. 3 and Nov. 6 =P
        I assume (for reasons i’m not aware of) that you’ll want to see them if/when they’re done

              1. I started with circles, then i erased them all
                Then i started doing pentagons and hexagons, sometimes other shapes to fill in the blanks

                Pretty much laid down shapes manually, just going for non-repeating and trying to not leave a gap above some set “max” that i had in my head (as if they were interconnected plates that had just a little bit of space to move around…, think plate tectonics =P)
                And then as the third step i took all the shapes that were too big and cut them into three, sometimes two or four

                Oh, the darker border around each plate is a layer effect, thankfully i didn’t have to go back and add that myself too

                1. Thanks! That seems to be more of a digital art workflow though, so it’s not really applicable to what I’m doing. Ah well… 😉

                2. It kinda is, it’s just more difficult, you need to pay more attention to keeping the plates roughly in scale with eachother

                  But i didn’t really erase anything either, except the big plates, so it might be possible

                  I doubt it helps, but i could stream myself doing it sometime =P
                  …or i could just do a step by step example, that might be interesting as a slow gif

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