Gallery and Rarity Sketch

Rarity, looking slightly surprised

Just a little Rarity sketch for today. I tried to take the style from “Singing in the Studio“, but change her expression to look rather surprised. Since the EQD Artist Training Grounds III ended yesterday, here’s also a gallery of all the images I drew for this year’s ATG.


5 thoughts on “Gallery and Rarity Sketch

      1. aww.., i hope you’re feeling better now

        you know, if you ever want some friends to talk to…, i could hook you up (as weird as that sounds)
        up to you though, no pressure =P

      2. oh yeah, i can’t even begin to help there =S
        Well, good luck, and remember; real life holds priority!

        [changes mind, tries to think of advice anyway]
        And don’t worry about the details.., it needs to be good, not perfect
        Like art, i assume, you should get the general idea into place before you worry about spelling and presentation and whatever kind of details you have there
        and i’ll leave it at that, since i’m not even sure what a thesis is =P, never cared much for school vocabulary

        (for some reason the reply handles are missing for half the comments, so i’m replying to this one instead =P)
        (also posting these with little editing because i know i regret most of what i type, if i give myself the chance)

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