Fluttershy Walking

Fluttershy walking along and whistling

Today’s ATG topic was “draw a pony walking or draw a pony on a journey“. I decided this was a good time to finally try drawing pony legs based on construction rules rather than just hoping they would work somehow or staying close to some reference pose. I’m quite happy with the left foreleg, OK with the hind legs, and not that happy with the right foreleg. It seems kind of weird to me, and I’m not sure how it should bend when the pony is moving forward while the hoof is on the ground.

Anyway, Fluttershy’s supposed to be whistling happily as she trots along. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Fluttershy Walking

    1. I started with the leg just bending backwards (you might still see some erased lines), which is definitely wrong. Having the hoof bent forward certainly seems better, but I’m not sure if it’s really right. Maybe I’m just insecure because it was wrong before, so thanks for saying it doesn’t seem to be! 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, it both looks right and i keep seeing people do it this way; i might even do the same bend in the hind left leg
        …you know what.., do you mind if i try to quickly (re)sketch the pose myself, see what i can come up with?

          1. http://ctrlv.in/226758

            Yes, i’m totally missing the tail, wing, cutie mark, eye; and i kinda flattened her snout out too much, but that’s okay =P, it was for analysis anyway
            I did notice two things though; First, your mane seems to be in two parts or tied down behind the ear
            I personally always let it go straight

            And i think i know why the leg bends like that…, you’re trying to push the entire leg back but friction is stopping it at the bottom, (and the mass of your body is stopping it at the top?), so it bends back from the middle
            I guess bending a pony leg like that might be a useful way to show applying force, but don’t quote me on that =P, i haven’t really tried/thought about it yet

            I also noticed yours is a traditional pencil drawings, with very few erased lines, and the ones that are are close to your final result
            This impresses me greatly.., my first lines are usually about half a pony head away from what i’ll eventually settle on, maybe even more…, so.., yeah., Impressive!

            Edit: Well…, this comment turned out long.., i’ll stop myself from reading it because i know i’d take 20 minutes to edit most of it out and leave like one sentence =P

            1. Wow, I never had anyone do such a detailed analysis of one of my drawings! I’ve experimented with a leaning forward pose in today’s picture, and I do like the result. I also realized that kind of matches real horses more closely: The hoof does curve forward relative to the leg (see this Wikipedia picture).

              I do try to erase as little as possible, mainly because it often leads to smearing, but also because it helps me focusing on precise lines. Keeping mane lines continuous is something I try, but I wasn’t paying that much attention to it here. Thanks a lot for the advice and compliment!

  1. It wasn’t really that detailed, i spent 10 minutes on it =P
    It was fun though, and i too like the results; i guess we both learned something useful from this and i can’t wait to try it out myself

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