Enjoying a Drink

Rarity lying on a couch, drinking a cocktail

I wanted to draw somepony on a couch, decided to draw Rarity, and added the drink because it fits her style.


2 thoughts on “Enjoying a Drink

    1. With a pencil on paper, of course! 😛
      As for drawing advice: Try to get familiar with the basic shapes, Foxxy’s guides should be a good start (pony basics, pony heads). Secondly, having reference (episode stills, fanart, or whatever) is useful. If you watch The Star Master, you can see Fluttershy in a similar pose to Rarity’s in this picture. And then: Practice! To quote Lauren Faust: “Pretend you have ten thousand bad drawings in you, which you must get out before you can get good!” Have fun, and share the results if you like!

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