To The Future

Twilight looking at her new wings

Codex has some interesting theories on various aspects of My Little Pony. The one on Cutie Marks presented here got me thinking about the second strophe of Celestia’s Ballad in Magical Mystery Cure:

“It’s time now for a new change to come
You’ve grown up, and your new life has begun
To go where you will go
To see what you will see
To find what you will be
For it’s time for you
To fulfill your destiny”

— Princess Celestia in Magical Mystery Cure

I think it’s very interesting that Celestia is using the future form here. Twilight’s development isn’t predestined by her Cutie Mark, her development isn’t complete with becoming an alicorn, no, there is a whole new world ahead. And that’s something I really should keep in mind for my own life.


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