Testing Her Limits

Comic: Luna is stacking round food stuffs on Celestia's horn, Celestia is not happy

The things Celestia does for her sister…

This is a parody of the 2013-06-09 episode of Heavenly Nostrils. I imagine this scene to play shortly after Elements of Harmony and based Luna’s look on the end of that episode, including her non-magical mane. After a thousand years some sister activities are long overdue, and if Rarity is willing to jump into a mud hole to spend time with her little sister, this is a comparatively small price to pay. Still, if word was to get out, the gossip might take centuries to subside… :mrgreen:

If you don’t already, I recommend you go read Heavenly Nostrils now. It’s good, seriously. Maybe not if you don’t like cute drawings, but in that case: What are you doing here in the first place?


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