Fluttershy and Discord

Discord on a couch, pouring coffee. Fluttershy hovering next to him.

It’s taken long enough, but my “Fluttershy and Discord” picture is finally done! 😀

I think the episode “Keep Calm and Flutter On” could have benefited from a few more minutes, but it still was a really good one. Lots of visual jokes, and Fluttershy was amazing. Apparently the Mane 6 still need to learn some things about her, like when the beavers who flooded Sweet Apple Acres won’t listen to her.

Rainbow Dash: “You see Discord’s behind all this, right?”

Fluttershy: “Oh, of course I do! Do you all think I’m a silly gullible fool?”

…and everypony’s like ah, uhm, well… And at the end she gets Discord to say the one important sentence: Friendship is Magic!


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