Under A Gentle Moon

Scootaloo in the dark forest, one tree with a scary face. Luna's face looking down at Scootaloo from the moon, a path of light leading towards her

I really loved Saturday’s episode “Sleepless in Ponyville”, and especially how Luna appeared. This picture began to form in my head while I was watching the episode, but evolved quite a bit while I was actually drawing. I wanted to draw Luna’s face as just shadows on the moon, but after I drew the outlines I liked them too much to just erase them. The way Scootaloo is holding her tail, however, was intended to be similar to scared Babs Seed from the beginning. I honestly feel this is my best pony drawing so far. 😀 Hope you like it, too!

Link of the day: “Watching your dreams“, a very funny picture based on the same episode, with Derpy!

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