Equestrian Unity

Celestia and Luna (only heads visible) forming a heart with their manes

Two days ago, October 3rd, was German Unity Day (“Tag der deutschen Einheit”), which marks the day of the German reunification in 1990, after more than 40 years of division following World War II. I didn’t get this picture finished in time to post it that day, but I’m quite happy with the result. Also, I suppose a holiday celebrating the reconciliation between Celestia and Luna should be held on the day of the summer solstice anyways, in line with the first two episodes of Friendship is Magic.

Inspiration aside from the holiday were the “heart ponies“.


2 thoughts on “Equestrian Unity

  1. First thought: how cute!

    As it happens, I was listening to the song “Von Anfang an” (by the German Gothic / Folk / Middle Ages / Metal / what do I know about music genres… – Band Letzte Instanz) when opening your blog today. I think the atmosphere in the song fits the picture quite well. You might like to watch the video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkfO5W5i76s

    Second thought: there are some parallels between the collapse of the DDR and the opening story of MLP. The peaceful revolution was made by common people, not forced by foreign powers. The “light part” had to integrate the “dark part” afterwards, though, for the governing of the “light part” nothing really changed. In the series, Princess Celestia is presented as the one and only princess most of the time, isn’t she? That’s the point most often criticised about the German reunification – or at least the critics I hear most often -: that the BRD just swallowed up the DDR without a second glance on it.

    Third thought: now he is already posting political messages on his pony blog… farewell, Airtower… (yes, I read the post on typewriting pirates after)

    1. Yesterday in a conversation with someone from the judo club, one topic was how interpretations of drawings often say more about the viewer than the artist, so thanks for sharing! 😉 As the second season of MLP:FiM went on, I think what little we saw of Luna shows her becoming stronger again, although Celestia still clearly is the most important pony around. After a thousand years, it should take some time for that to change…

      Also, I just explained what the picture was about, you got started on politics on your own! 😛

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