Blogprincess Phoe in “Artist Training Grounds”

4 panel comic of Phoe asking for drawings, getting showered with them and discovering a kumquat

Finally, the comic I said I wanted to draw more that three weeks ago is done. Hope you like it! For those of you who didn’t closely follow the Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds, the background is described below.

The Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds was hosted by the wonderful Phoe, and started with her getting showered with an unprecedented 1380 images on the first day alone. In her own words:

“The total number for tonight is… massive. No. Massive misrepresents what you’ve done. Makes it sound tiny.”

While the speed slowed down somewhat afterwards, the amount of images drawn was still amazing. On day 11, Phoe kind of asked for kumquats to be mailed to her, which promptly happened (no, it wasn’t me):

“Speaking of which, one of you actually e-mailed me a kumquat last night. You know who you are, and I love you forever.”

Awww. Which brings us back to today’s comic. 🙂

(The pony in this comic is Phoe’s OC, in case you haven’t guessed.)


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