Lyra’s New Spell

Lyra with eyes shut in a very concentrated expression, a magic hand extending from her horn holding a cup. Caption written below the cup: "Chase your Dream!"

I had this idea since sometime around the middle of the Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds II, and together with the message it seemed appropriate for this final day of the ATG. Sorry about the kind of weird color, my crayon box doesn’t have any Lyra mint green. 😦 I’ll have to look into fixing that. The weird hand shape however is at least partially intentional, both Lyra and I need to practice magic and drawing, respectively. 😉

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to draw ponies, and I might even edit this post later with additional sketches, because there’s a bonus challenge: “Draw every single theme in one day.” Or I’ll post whatever other drawings I come up with separately. We’ll see.

Big “Thank You!” to Phoe for hosting this event!

Edit: Some extra sketches have been added, see below.

A pony couple, rubbing their noses against eachother's

This one was inspired by two friends who I happened to meet at the university today. I didn’t draw Cutie Marks because I feel I don’t know them well enough to just decide for them (and didn’t ask yet), and yes, the mare is pregnant.

Foalpapers walking through some ruins

This sketch is for Foalpapers. I couldn’t find a Cutie Mark anywhere, so the one depicted is just my guess (yes, I noticed the contradiction with the previous picture :?). Hope you don’t mind, Foalpapers!

Fluttershy resting on a couch

Fluttershy resting, as seen in “The Stare Master”. Isn’t she cute?

Pinkie Pie singing, balancing a plate with sweets and a bowl on her front hooves

It’ Pinkie Pie making cupcakes! I drew this in about 15 minutes without any references or eraser while waiting for judo training to start (which ended up being canceled). Anyways, this way you can see how I draw. Hints for improvement would be appreciated.

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