Singing Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle standing on her hind legs and singing

Singing Sweetie Belle because it’s the cutest idea that came to my mind for the topic “Draw a pony Singing/Draw a pony wailing“. After it went pretty well yesterday, I used crayons for color once again. Sadly photographing didn’t work as well without sunlight, but I think it’s ok. I really need to get a scanner.

I’ve added my development sketches below. The first one was done on the train without any references, the second one is a refined version using “The Show Stoppers” (season 1, episode 18) for reference. A rather difficult to draw mane is something Sweetie Belle has in common with her sister.

Link of the day: “Stolen Pants” from yesterday’s ATG gallery (anypony with D&D or other pen & paper RPG background should get the reference, but it has an explanation, too).

Sketches for Singing Sweetie Belle


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