Salad for You!

Fluttershy holding a bowl of salad

Fluttershy made you a salad. You’re not going to demand a cherry on top like Angel bunny did, are you?

This in another picture I inked before photographing and digital postprocessing. I have mixed feelings about that: The ink massively speeds up the digital cleanup because of the improved contrast, but it seems the picture loses a lot of detail and feeling at the same time. I’ve seen some amazing drawings that were either inked or entirely drawn in pen, though, so maybe I’m doing something wrong here. 😕 Anyways, more Fluttershy! 🙂

This is my submission for the EQD Artist Training Grounds II, day 19, with the topic “Draw a pony cooking/Draw a pony with a plate.”

Link of the day: “Stable“, an Artist Training Grounds contribution from yesterday. I’d like to be able to design poses that look as natural as that.


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