Octavia playing a Drum

Octavia playing a drum

Today’s topic for the EQD Artist Training Grounds was “Draw a Pony Trying Something New.” A different instrument counts as something new, right?

I also tried something new on the digital post-processing with this one: Edge detection instead of manually cleaning up the lines. The result seems more crisp, though there was still a bit of smudge and corners that needed cleaning. I also digitally redrew some of the facial features. What do you think?

As suggested by Prismatic Pretzel there’s now a version edited in the previous style for comparison after the break.

Octavia playing a drum

For this second version, I’ve done a lot of manual editing on the face, but less on the rest of the picture.


4 thoughts on “Octavia playing a Drum

  1. Hmm, this is nice. Comparing to some of the older work it does look sharper but it may also be a bit grainier if that makes any sense. It is hard to tell without seeing the same image done both ways though.

    1. Thank you! Making the lines non-grainy is the biggest difficulty I have during digital postprocessing. I’ll try to add a version of this picture using the previous process later today.

      1. Ah, that does help illustrate the differences between the methods. Unfortunately I don’t really have any help to give on digital postprocessing as my attempts in the field have generally not gone especially well.

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