GalaCon Sketches

Sketch of Princess Luna with a chipped tooth, Celestia as a mouse sitting on her hindquarters. Caption "The Night Doth Not Go To the Dentitht!" and autograph from Tabitha St. Germain.

I made two sketches at this year’s GalaCon, both of them inspired by Tabitha St. Germain. XD “The Night Doth Not Go To the Dentitht!” is a quote from the secret surprise (something that Tabitha wrote!) during the VA panel on day two. I did the sketch above during the rest of the panel, asked her to sign it during the autograph session later that day, and she actually wrote the whole caption. :D Sadly I missed the Thiessens’ panel waiting in the autograph line, so I’ll have to wait for the recording of that one.

The sketch below is from day one, inspired by the opening ceremony. Apparently nobody had told Tabitha that she’d need to switch her microphone on to address the audience, and she promptly started complaining in Granny Smith voice. ^^’

Anyway, GalaCon was amazing, and the best part was finally getting to meet certain people ponies in person. Yay! :D

Granny Smith angrily poking at a microphone

Foaly’s Love of Cheese

Foal Papers hugging a large cheese, Meadow Whisper trying to pull him away

And here’s what happens when that time budget runs out. :D

I did this quick sketch on the train home from work. No idea why after months of drawing hardly anything I’ve suddenly done two sketches in a day… ^^’

Surprise for Cadance

Luna and Cadance hugging, newspaper with the Pluto-heart photo in the foreground

“See? Told you I had a surprise for you today!” — “Awww, that’s so sweet!”

You may have seen the photo of Pluto that NASA released with the New Horizons flyby today. The heart shaped feature attracted lots of attention, and it fits well with a certain princess’ cutie mark, as Silver Scroll pointed out. :D