Apple Bloom’s Steeplechase

Apple Bloom jumping over some hay bales

I don’t really know why, but after Sweetie Belle at the Rodeo I somehow wanted to draw Apple Bloom in a similar situation. Now I might have to draw a Scootaloo version, too… ^^’ Any ideas what kind of competition she might enjoy?

I actually finished this sketch a few minutes before today’s episode (which was filled with Chaos, yes, with capital C!), but then my scanner acted up. Ah well, it’s fine now.

Saddle Expert

Meadow Whisper fitting Foal Papers for a frilly saddle

Apparently Foal Papers needs a frilly saddle, and Meadow Whisper is there to help. :D

This is the saddle in question:

I started drawing this on the train home from work, and finished later this evening. Those frills are tricky!