Sunday Sketches

Sketch of Princess Luna saying "Thy Princess is pleased"

I made two sketches today. The one above was inspired by Hexamane:

The sketch below is from last night, and was inspired by this doodle on Emm’s Positivity Blog (highly recommended!). Reading the caption

“You’re as awesome and badass as your favorite fictional character.”

my first thought was “Well, in that case I’m a pony princess!” :D

Walking alicorn with braid in her mane

Fire Magic Mistake

A unicorn with a shocked expression, a small flame on her mane, next to an unlit candle
Remember foals, fire magic is dangerous. Practice with a qualified teacher before using it. ;-)

I tried to learn from LeekFish‘s sketch on the right for this. Somehow ended up with a half-standing pose rather than her sitting one (though that probably fits the theme… XD ), but I think the face is better than what I usually end up with when drawing a pony from the front. :)

Sneaking and Sniffing

Twilight Sparkle hiding in a curtain, a wolf in armor sniffing the ground and wagging his tail

Twilight’s sneaking around Canterlot Castle in It’s About Time could’ve gone quite differently if there were canines on the Royal Guard. :D

Guard Wolf: *sniffs, starts to wag his tail* “Hi Twilight!”
Twilight: “Oh, right…”

I got the idea during a Twitter conversation earlier today, the wolf’s pose is based on this photo.