Comet Landing with Twilight and Luna

Twilight and Luna playing with models of Rosetta, Philae and comet 67P

Space Pony and Science Pony playing the space science event of the year! I’m well aware that comet and probes are way out of scale, but there wouldn’t be much to see otherwise. :-P

For anypony who doesn’t know what this is about: This week Wednesday, ESA’s Philae probe landed on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after separating from the Rosetta orbiter.

Rarity Sketch

Rarity wearing a white sweater and dark skirt

This is just a little sketch I drew Tuesday on the train while traveling to visit a friend. The funny thing is that as I was starting to draw, the girl sitting next to me looked over at my sketchbook and was like “Oh, a brony!”, and we had a nice chat. :-)

Sloth Cuddles

Meghan McCarthy pony with a sloth hanging from her mane

This is for Meghan McCarthy. Happy birthday! :D

As for the lack of pictures over the last few weeks, I was simply too stressed out to draw much and post anything. :( Since they wouldn’t really fit anywhere else, below are two sketches I did during that time. Now I have a one week vacation, so hopefully I’ll feel better and draw again.

Fluttershy with part of her mane in a braid

A unicorn OC