Baby Discord

Cadance holding baby Discord

It’s been a lot longer than I would’ve wanted, but hey, I’m back to drawing ponies! This picture is based on a quote from one of my friends, who commented Cadance’s calmness in “Three’s A Crowd” as follows:

“Cadance was a foalsitter. She’s probably dealt with bigger brats.”


Wet Mane Cadance

Cadance with wet mane and tail standing in a puddle

This is just a silly sketch I’ve been meaning to finish for a few days. Between getting sick, getting back to work and preparing for a trip to Japan I just didn’t get around to drawing. :-( I doubt that’ll change much during my trip (starting this Saturday), but I’ll be taking my sketchbook with me. ;-)


Carrying Tiny Twilight

Rarity carrying hoof-sized Twilight in her saddlebag, tucked into a scroll

Inspired by @BrowncoatPony on Twitter:

I was thinking about a big hat with an integrated seat for a moment, but decided that Twilight would take the opportunity to get literally wrapped up in her reading material. :mrgreen:

Also, with this my first pony sketchbook is completely full. Good thing I bought a new one today!


A Little Glass of Water

Princess Cadance, magically holding a glass of water in front of her

I’ve been sick since last week, so last Saturday’s episode was kind of fitting. :mrgreen: Princess Cadance is rather difficult to draw, primarily because her legs are quite different from most other ponies. For her face, I tried to adapt Ashley‘s expression in panel 3 of this EGS comic.

As for the story of this episode (this paragraph contains spoilers, duh), I have to agree with Rarity: In the end, Discord got what he deserved. He obviously has a lot to learn about friendship. “Testing” friends like he did is completely inappropriate, and he should have written first rather than complaining about not getting any letters. Hm, maybe Princess Twilight should send him to some little town to go and make some friends? ;-)


Ashley Pony

Ashley from EGS as a pegasus, rising

Ashley from the EGS webcomic is just so cute that I wanted to draw a pony version of her. She seems a little jumpy, which combined with her pose in the last panel of last week Monday’s episode led me to drawing her as a pegasus, but there’s not enough information on her (yet?) for me to find an appropriate cutie mark. Maybe a heart and a bucket of water? Anyway, I really like her mane.

For anypony who is not familiar with EGS, I feel I should quote this warning from its “New Readers” page:

“WARNING: Often ignores the laws of Physics.”



Apple Bloom balancing a map on her head

Apple Bloom had some great scenes in yesterday’s episode. The “Apples to the Core” song aside, the almost-Applelicious moment with the map (this one) is certainly my favorite. “Pinkie Apple Pie” also featured a crazy cat lady and a possible nod to Dusty Kat.

And all that before mentioning the story! I’m not going to spoil it here, but I’ll say it is a sweet family tale with a good lesson. :-)


Picnic on the Moon

Luna sitting on a blanket with sandwiches and drinks, moon landscape and stars in the background

I was listening to the radio this afternoon, and they played a song in which I heard the words “picnic on the moon”. I have no idea who wrote that song or why, but those words got stuck in my head and I decided to draw this. Who wouldn’t like to have a picnic with Princess Luna?