Rarity Sketch

Rarity wearing a white sweater and dark skirt

This is just a little sketch I drew Tuesday on the train while traveling to visit a friend. The funny thing is that as I was starting to draw, the girl sitting next to me looked over at my sketchbook and was like “Oh, a brony!”, and we had a nice chat. :-)

Sloth Cuddles

Meghan McCarthy pony with a sloth hanging from her mane

This is for Meghan McCarthy. Happy birthday! :D

As for the lack of pictures over the last few weeks, I was simply too stressed out to draw much and post anything. :( Since they wouldn’t really fit anywhere else, below are two sketches I did during that time. Now I have a one week vacation, so hopefully I’ll feel better and draw again.

Fluttershy with part of her mane in a braid

A unicorn OC